Cancer support

Helping you along your cancer journey.

A cancer diagnosis can come as an incredible shock, causing a major disruption to your life and for your family. You’ll likely be faced with changes to your normal routine, overwhelming decisions about your treatments, and potentially be confronted with changes to your body.

We understand that the symptoms and side effects of cancer are complex, affecting everyone differently. That’s why we’ve partnered with Valion Health, to provide support, resources, and reassurance throughout the treatment and recovery journey. Alongside Valion Health’s team of accredited allied health professionals, we’re able to provide eligible customers with personalised care through their Cancer Support for Life program.

A tailored approach to your recovery

Designed to provide support, advice, mental health coaching and education, the Cancer Support for Life program is:

  • available to customers with an accepted claim relating to a cancer diagnosis; and
  • delivered at no cost.

When you join the Cancer Support for Life program you can expect:

  • a virtual care program, accessed from the convenience of your home;
  • the program to run for a 12 week period, with 1-2 sessions per week;
  • flexible session times that can occur outside of regular business hours;
  • multidisciplinary support in recovery areas such as exercise, nutrition, and mental health; and
  • a better understanding of your cancer and treatment, and how best to manage symptoms and side effects.

For more information, please contact us to speak with your Claims Consultant.

Life with cancer

Life with cancer

Helping you to better understand cancer, with some tools and techniques to improve your health and wellbeing during your recovery.