TAL helps advisers assist more clients, more affordably with release of redesigned Accelerated Protection products

Media Release -

Leading Australian life insurance specialist, TAL, has announced the release of its updated Accelerated Protection series with redesigned products aimed at meeting the needs of a broader range of Australians, more affordably.


The updated Accelerated Protection series recognises that advisers value having options available that can deliver against the diverse individual needs of their clients.


TAL is also committed to providing financial advisers with sustainable products that feature predictable and sustainable pricing over the long term.


This has now been complemented by greater up-front affordability across all products, with the 5% Health Sense Plus discount now more readily accessible from policy inception through the removal of the BMI requirement for eligibility.


TAL General Manager, Retail Sales and New Business, Beau Riley, said: “We regularly review our propositions to ensure they continue to meet the needs of advisers and their clients, and we have identified opportunities with our redesigned Accelerated Protection products to extend our proposition to meet the needs of a broader set of customers.”


“At the same time, we understand that many Australians are experiencing cost of living challenges and juggling tight household budgets. Our updated Health Sense Plus offering not only plays an important role in encouraging clients to engage with, monitor and maintain their health, it also enhances policy affordability at inception while enabling sustainable pricing to be maintained over the life of the product.”


“The role advisers have in helping clients to navigate their financial journey is an essential one, and our updated Accelerated Protection series is designed to provide advisers with more options for meeting clients’ diverse needs, more affordably,” said Mr Riley.


Features of the updated Accelerated Protection series, available from 8 September, include:

  • Long term affordable benefits accessible to a broader range of customers
  • More tailored TPD pricing and new occupation classes, allowing more customers to be covered
  • Income Protection benefit changes that accommodate a wider set of genuine insurance needs
  • Changes to levels of cover available for some Life Insurance and Critical Illness

To learn more about TAL’s updated Accelerated Protection series, financial advisers can contact their local TAL Business Development Manager or visit adviser.tal.com.au

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